Discover a Green Career at Djupeskog Trädfällning AB, Norrtälje

Are you a seasoned arborist with a passion for climbing trees? Djupeskog Trädfällning AB invites you to become a vital part of our team.

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ABOUT US AT djupeskog trädfällning ab

Established in 2015, Djupeskog Trädfällning AB has been at the forefront of providing comprehensive arborist services. Our expertise covers an array of tree-related tasks, from intricate felling and sectional felling to storm damage mitigation. We excel in pruning, removal, chipping, and stump grinding.

Our mission is to cater to a diverse clientele, including individuals, communities, businesses, organizations, and landowners. Our operations extend across a vast geographical region, encompassing Roslagen, Norrtälje, Uppsala, and Northern Stockholm.

Position Details
Position: Arborist & Tree Climbing Specialist
Work Schedule: Full Time
Employment Type: Permanent
Location: Based in Norrtälje Municipality, with work assignments in Roslagen, Uppsala, and Northern Stockholm
En arborist klättrar högt upp i ett träd med hjälp av rep och annan utrustning. Arboristen är utrustad med en säkerhetssele och andra skyddsutrustningar för att utföra trädvård på ett säkert sätt. Trädkronan och grenarna runtomkring skapar en naturlig bakgrund.
Your Diverse Role

In your role as an arborist and climbing tree specialist, you will embark on a dynamic journey involving tree felling, clearing, chipping, and removal tasks. Regardless of the season, our work is conducted outdoors, requiring individuals with robust physical stamina and a genuine love for nature..


We are seeking trained arborists and climbing tree specialists who share our vision at Djupeskog Trädfällning AB. If you align with our values, we are committed to investing in your professional growth. As an individual, you should be self-motivated, devoted, and capable of delivering top-tier service. At our core, we prioritize personality and seek individuals with the right mindset, emphasizing responsibility and safety consciousness in our endeavors.

Qualification requirements
  • A valid B driver’s license
  • Chainsaw driver’s license A + B
  • At least 1-2 years of experience in arborist/climbing tree work
Preferred qualifications

While not mandatory, the following qualifications are preferred:

  • BE driver’s license
  • C driver’s license
  • ETW – European Tree Worker Certification
  • Chainsaw driver’s license C
  • Proficiency in trailer driving and operating general equipment, including mini-loaders and track-mounted wood chippers
Additional Benefits
Rental Living: We understand that relocating may be part of your journey. Djupeskog Trädfällning AB can assist in arranging rental apartments to make your transition smoother.
Proximity to Arlanda Airport: Norrtälje is strategically located, just a 50-minute drive from Arlanda, Sweden’s largest airport. This proximity ensures convenient travel options for both work-related and personal needs.
Join Djupeskog Trädfällning AB and help us shape a sustainable future among the trees. Apply now and grow with us!
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If you have any questions, please contact:
Djupeskog Trädfällning AB
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